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Fleet Management

Welcome to the future of Fleet Management. no matter how challenging your company goals may be, our services can help your organisation exceed expectations. asset managment in Portsmouth.

Wasting Fuel


Looking to reduce fuel costs and manage the risks produced by fleet ownership? Our innovative telematics, optimisation and camera solutions provide insights that are revolutionising the way businesses think about fleet management.

Tracking Hampshire

Having a close business relationship with Trakm8, we highly recommend their products, service and support. We provide telematic solutions and services for all of our customers vehicle fleets.

Trakm8 4G RH600

The RH600 combines all of the rich data collected by our leading telematics devices with a cutting-edge in-cab camera system.

The combination of a camera and a telematics unit makes the costs associated with buying and fitting separate devices a thing of the past and RH600's wealth of features truly position this camera as one of the most pioneering pieces of technology available to the fleet industry. 

Driver Behaviour

Driver behaviour monitoring has a frighteningly positive impact on fuel costs. By collecting data such as speed, acceleration, braking and cornering, we provide fleet managers with insights that pinpoint how fuel is being wasted. By identifying costly driving styles and the individuals who are most likely to practice them, you can provide the relevant driver training exercises to reduce the risk that they pose to your vehicles, themselves and other road users.

Trakm8 T-10 lite

We have a system to suit every fleet industry sector and size. Whether you are a multi-national organisation or just have a single vehicle, we have a solution to fit. Our proven solutions combine to help you manage your fleet to maximise utilisation and productivity, ensure your vehicles are driven safely and efficiently, reduce fuel usage, accidents and fleet running costs whilst minimising risk.