Vehicle Security

Autowatch alarms

The Autowatch 695RLC alarm is a Thatcham approved CAT 2-1 upgrade alarm system, designed to integrate into vehicle’s CAN Bus or conventional wiring systems. The 695CAN alarm can be fitted to any compatible new vehicle that requires an alarm. This system is designed to be easily operated from the vehicle’s original remote controls without the use of an additional remote control. However, if your vehicle has only one remote control supplied as standard, an additional Autowatch remote control will prove more cost effective than buying an original remote control. 

Meta Trak

Looking to reduce your insurance premiums with an insurance approved, Thatcham accredited, tracking solution?  Or simply keep tabs on your car from wherever you are, whenever you want, with a self-monitored service? There are 36.7 million vehicles on the UK roads today! Having a Tracking device installed puts you in control of your vehicle. Here at AMS we supply and install many metatrak stolen vehicle recovery Trackers Category 5 and Category 6 to Motorhomes, cars and vans of all manufactures.

Locks 4 Vans

L4V kits are vehicle door specific and contain all the required fixings, fittings and instructions to enable a technician to perform a cost effective installation. All L4V cylinders, housings and plugs are plated in highly durable satin nickel to maintain a consistent and long lasting appearance. External trims are available as either UV stabilised black Nylon, or satin nickel-plated brass to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. Both versions are suitable for fitment to vehicle bodywork without causing damage to paintwork. Note Black external trims supplied as standard.

Autowatch Immobilisers

The new Autowatch AW780 transponder based system requires no conscious effort by the driver to operate the system . It works exactly as the factory fitted transponder immobilisers. The only difference is that the transponders are supplied separately and are not integrated into the vehicles ignition key. Other advantages are there are no batteries to go flat or receptacles to be damaged. 

Autowatch Ghost

Autowatch Ghost

The Autowatch GHOST system by Autowatch is an Anti-Clone vehicle immobiliser system which prevents your vehicle from being stolen or moved unless a “Secret” Pin Code is entered via your standard factory controls. Until then your vehicle will not start or move. Preventing your pride and joy being driven away.


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